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Re: Slightly odd URL

Larry Glavin wrote:

> If it's the end of the month, it must be time for my
> 'GBH Members Guide to arrive, and so it has.  The
> TV feature of the month is all Greek to me, but there
> was something interesting near the back of the book.
> Tired of taking a back seat to WBUR's empire, WGBH
> is putting together a string of subsidiaries of its
> own.
And there's other interesting stuff near the back of the book besides
the www.cainan.org URL.  How about the "Summer Sounds on the Road"
feature which tells WGBH members "where to find public radio outlets
elsewhere in New England."  WNAN and the forthcoming WCAI are mentioned
for the Cape--none of the numerous WBUR outlets there gets a plug.  For
Rhode Island, home to a couple other outlets run by the folks at BU, it
says "'GBH 89.7fm can be heard in most of the Ocean State."

Also interesting is the WGBH program grid which lists hosts for nearly
all programs and provides pictures of same and program descriptions
where space allows.  Notice that big white space (ten hours' worth of
programming) that just says "Morning pro musica."  I'm sure this issue
of 'GBH went to press before the recent passing of Robert J. Lurtsema
but apparently they were aware his illness made it unlikely he'd be
hosting any MPM shows in July.

I also notice there's no host listed for the Sunday morning edition of
Jazz Gallery which used to handled by Jack Woker.  Anyone know what's
become of Stereo Jack?

Turning to the WNAN schedule, I'm surprised to see Car Talk on the
grid.  Knowing where it's produced, I'm surprised it's there even once,
never mind twice.  For its part, lately WBUR-FM has been airing a promo
reminding listeners headed to Cape Cod that "WBUR 1240 AM is there with
The Connection, Here and Now, Only a Game--programs you won't find on
any other station."