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Slightly odd URL

If it's the end of the month, it must be time for my
'GBH Members Guide to arrive, and so it has.  The 
TV feature of the month is all Greek to me, but there 
was something interesting near the back of the book.
Tired of taking a back seat to WBUR's empire, WGBH 
is putting together a string of subsidiaries of its
own.  So the new July issue gave considerable space
to recent start-up WNAN, Nantucket and future station
WCAI, Woods Hole-Tisbury.  Readers were invited to visit
the new website they've set up, not with WGBH's call-
letters or those of the siblings.  The URL is 
www.cainan.org.  Once both stations are up and 
running, they will probably bill themselves as 
Cape-and-Islands/Nantucket public radio.  Most radio
stations with websites like to use their call-letters
as the main way of identifying themselves, so 
this portmanteau word CAINAN may have trouble catching
on.  But the website is moderately interesting and 
informative, and if you didn't know about it already,
it may be worth a look. 

Laurence from Methuen

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