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Re: WCRB (programming)

In a message dated 6/29/00 2:25:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
umar@nerodia.wcrb.com writes:

<< you have to give your listeners what they want and avoid
 giving them things they don't want.  >>

The above, in response to mild attacks on WCRB's repetitive playlist.....   
But Rob, isn't it true that we are what we eat?  And therefore, while not a 
rule,  in spirit, licensees are trustees to provide a wide or at least 
moderately-wide product in order to broaden listeners' horizons?  Yes? No?  

When a kid enters school he/she is exposed to dozens of "subjects" in math, 
arts, science, social, history, etc, which keep going til 12th grade.    I 
would dare to say that the standard narrow-playlist-stations is equivalent to 
permanently cutting off students' exposure at grade 2 instead of 12.

I can't deny that WCRB is giving people what they want, in all seriousness, 
but Rob, I think your statement of giving 'classical music lovers' what they 
want is erroneous. Ted Jones did that much much better.   WCRB has the right 
formula for the masses, better than any other in the nation!   -The same 
formula that Readers Digest, in the 1950's produced and sold a 12-record set 
called "Festival of Light Classical Music".

But also, let's keep in mind that as a priority:  'board of directors and 
stockholders; keeping them happy'  is not necessarily being a good public 
trustee of a sliver of the airwaves spectrum.