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Re: Fwd: re:WCRB signal

On 28 Jun 2000,  umar@nerodia.wcrb.com wrote:

> No; rather, you have to give your listeners what they want and avoid
> giving them things they don't want. 

As I recall, when WCRB had a newsgroup on its Website, there were a lot of 
criticisms, mainly for the frequency of repetition of works.  And everyone 
I know who likes classical music is upset with WCRB for its habit of 
repeating works too often.

> Playing a piece once a week, always in a different daypart, hardly
> constitutes "inane repetition"; 

Maybe not, but I know I have heard things played much more often than 

> if people perceive it as such, that
> probably means the piece in question should be taken off the playlist. 

But that's what seems to be happening.  A piece is repeated endlessly 
until listeners are thoroughly tired of it, then it is taken off and never 
heard at all.

> No, there is always WHRB, and WHRB does a pretty impressive job, even if
> it's a member of its board of trustees who says so. 

Right now, WHRB seems to have stopped playing classical music altogether.  
They used to play jazz until 1 PM on weekdays, then play classical until 
well into the evening.  Now, they seem to have jazz and other sorts of 
exotic music all the time, and no classical.

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