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Re: Fwd: re:WCRB signal

Donna: You've mislabeled me--or my musical taste. Yes I do listen to
classical--mostly at work via the Internet, and mostly on CJRT Toronto and
WBOQ. But one of the things that I like about both stations (and one of the
things that must drive Mr Glavin crazy about WBOQ) is that neither is purely
a classical station. CJRT goes to jazz (real jazz, not so-called smooth
jazz) after 3:00 PM. WBOQ is, more and more, playing what resembles the
1960s version of easy listening. They play a fairly eclectic mix of soft,
melodic jazz (only a little of it is what I would call smooth jazz), show
tunes, and standards in certain dayparts--PM drive and early evening, for
example. When I can get WBOQ, I usually prefer it to WJIB.

When I lived in New York and when I was in college in Troy, I used to listen
a lot to Al Collins on the old WNEW (AM). And when I came to Boston, I
listened to Norm Nathan on the old WHDH. Sounds in the Night started about
the time I arrived (1956). Norm's taste and mine coincided pretty well. Ron
Della Chiesa's MusicAmerica left WGBH-FM before streaming audio made its way
to my office, but if MusicAmerica were still on the air in the afternoons
and were available via RealAudio, I'd listen. Which reminds me, I should
check to see whether WICN has a Web site and, if so, whether it streams
Carole Sloan's afternoon show.

I was also a big fan of pop-folk during the 60s folk craze and later on when
WADN took to the air. I even like some early rock and roll and doo-wop. In
the 60s, I used to drive Ruth crazy when I listened to the _old_ new-WMEX.

I can't stand rap, hip-hop, or heavy metal. I enjoy a lot of the latino
music on WBPS and WAMG; I just wish the stations were blingual. (They do
carry a number of English language commercials, but not enough in EE to make
me feel as if I can understand what's going on.)

And I'm a fan of intelligent talk radio--not just NPR and Chris Lydon, but
also much of what I hear on WMEX, Gene Burns in particular. Hardly anything
on WRKO meets my definition of intelligent, and just the sound of Howie
Carr's voice makes me feel queasy. Now that Brudnoy is off his blatently
racist kick and has become less of a Clinton basher, I can even take his
show in small doses. I like Steve LeVeille, but not Paul Sullivan. Sullivan
comes across as reasonably intelligent, but I find that his common-man
schtick gets very old very quickly.


Dan Strassberg, dan.strassberg@worldnet.att.net
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>>it was written--
>> > > Well, I for one disgree; as irritating as Mr. Glavin can be, surely
>> > > programming policies of a Boston radio station are far more
>> > > for a Boston radio list than the recent posts concerning television
>> > > stations in Connecticut or Monday Night Football.
>Umm, can't we all just get along???  I mean, this list has always
>understood that a lot of radio personalities worked on TV and vice
>versa.  TV is of course not our main focus, but from a media criticism
>standpoint, anything that relates to the topic of broadcasting has always
>found some discussion on this list.  I sort of started this by asking about
>WJAR-TV and when it became channel 10.  But there too, the historical basis
>for my query was that most of the folks on channel 4 in 1951 were also on
>WBZ Radio, and ditto for the channel 7 folks being from WNAC Radio.  To
>this day, we see radio people going on TV and vice versa.  (I think Jack
>Williams does a wonderful job filling in for David Brudnoy, for example.)
>That having been said, I hate classical music (sorry Joe R. and Dan
>S.).  But as a card-carrying rock and roll fan, I can't find much that's
>interesting on "commercial" radio anymore.  Oldies 103.3 plays a very tight
>list.  So does  WZLX.  I keep hearing the same songs over and over, as if
>no other songs existed.  I end up just listening to news radio and sports
>talk and playing cassettes in my car-- or occasionally tuning in to Kiss
>108 to keep up with what the hits are... No wonder time spent listening on
>radio is down-- you already know what songs they are going to play... I
>miss the days when we could break new artists, the days when there was real
>competition... but I am sure you miss them too... (they weren't that long
>ago... I'm not that old!!!)