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Re: Fwd: re:WCRB signal

Kudos Donna!

I find myself becoming a more "mature" listener simply because of the
reasons stated in your post...the fact that you can call the next song
bothers me.  I too am finding myself going back to my roots of listening to
News Radio, Sports Radio and (ugh!) Talk radio...all on AM.  Long live AM
Radio...(feel free to begin chanting at anytime...)

Where are the days of pulling carts a minute or so before the show starts,
specifically knowing where American Pie is in the rack so you can get the
morning coffee?  No playlists...no charts...no stats...just knowing that
Mrs. Smith on Hilldale Ave in Haverhill likes her occasional Al
Martino...(wow - that was a trip down memory lane for at least one former

I think jocks should (in my little dream world) should be able to pick their
own songs within a certain parameter - kind of like the "card" system many
of us had to endure.  Keep with the format - but mix it up a bit.  Vets like
Dale Dorman could make Kiss sound "fresher", and guys like JJ could pull
songs that would make people go "Wow".  Even the rookies/kids (I use the
term loosly...trust me) like Balthazar (fmr. of 94.5) - a guy who knows his
genre of music and is an outstanding jock/personality - could probably pull
of a better show with a little freedom.

OK - stepping out of my dream world now and tuning into Radio Disney for my
six year old...which BTW, seems to mix music pretty well...BUT in a related
note...which I found kind of funny the other day...Radio Disney went from
Little Eva doing "The Locomotion", to a music bumper, to Britney Spears.  If
that's not bridging the generation gap and showing what a :10 bumper can do
for radio - nothing is.

Marc Lemay

> That having been said, I hate classical music (sorry Joe R. and Dan
> S.).  But as a card-carrying rock and roll fan, I can't find much that's
> interesting on "commercial" radio anymore.  Oldies 103.3 plays a very
> list.  So does  WZLX.  I keep hearing the same songs over and over, as if
> no other songs existed.  I end up just listening to news radio and sports
> talk and playing cassettes in my car-- or occasionally tuning in to Kiss
> 108 to keep up with what the hits are... No wonder time spent listening on
> radio is down-- you already know what songs they are going to play... I
> miss the days when we could break new artists, the days when there was
> competition... but I am sure you miss them too... (they weren't that long
> ago... I'm not that old!!!)