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Re: Fwd: re:WCRB signal

>it was written--
> > > Well, I for one disgree; as irritating as Mr. Glavin can be, surely the
> > > programming policies of a Boston radio station are far more appropriate
> > > for a Boston radio list than the recent posts concerning television
> > > stations in Connecticut or Monday Night Football.

Umm, can't we all just get along???  I mean, this list has always 
understood that a lot of radio personalities worked on TV and vice 
versa.  TV is of course not our main focus, but from a media criticism 
standpoint, anything that relates to the topic of broadcasting has always 
found some discussion on this list.  I sort of started this by asking about 
WJAR-TV and when it became channel 10.  But there too, the historical basis 
for my query was that most of the folks on channel 4 in 1951 were also on 
WBZ Radio, and ditto for the channel 7 folks being from WNAC Radio.  To 
this day, we see radio people going on TV and vice versa.  (I think Jack 
Williams does a wonderful job filling in for David Brudnoy, for example.)

That having been said, I hate classical music (sorry Joe R. and Dan 
S.).  But as a card-carrying rock and roll fan, I can't find much that's 
interesting on "commercial" radio anymore.  Oldies 103.3 plays a very tight 
list.  So does  WZLX.  I keep hearing the same songs over and over, as if 
no other songs existed.  I end up just listening to news radio and sports 
talk and playing cassettes in my car-- or occasionally tuning in to Kiss 
108 to keep up with what the hits are... No wonder time spent listening on 
radio is down-- you already know what songs they are going to play... I 
miss the days when we could break new artists, the days when there was real 
competition... but I am sure you miss them too... (they weren't that long 
ago... I'm not that old!!!)