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Maritime AM stations and the eastern-most US radio station

Issue ONE: With the recent  thread on Maritime AMs, no mention was made
of Yarmouth NS Power-house CJLS-1340. They can be heard  along much of
the Maine Coast from Portland to Eastport. Their 5kw signal originates
from the shoreline right outside of Yarmouth. If you take the ferry into
Yarmouth you can't mistake the twin towers.

CHTN-720 also puts a pretty good signal here on Mount Desert Island; not
bad for 10kw.
It does put some splatter over WJTO here though. The only AM station
left in Saint John NB is CFBC-930. Unbeknown to many, the CBC has a
50watt repeater on 960 at Saint Stephen NB, right across the border from
Calais, ME.  It repeats CBD 91.3 from St. John. The AM only gets out
about 3 or 4 miles, barely audible outside of Calais.

WSHD FM 91.7 is licensed to Shead High School in Eastport ME, making it
the eastern-most AM Or FM station in US.  Unfortunately I have yet to
hear this station ever. Seems like everytime I'm in the area it's off
the air. This past Sunday I was down in Lubec and Campobello Island, and
the station was silent; although with school out it was no suprise. It's
a shame that a ten-watt station like WSHD couldn't have a more regular
schedule especially in an area that is not especially well-served by US
stations. Only WCRQ 102.9 and WQDY 1230/92.7 and Maine Public radio's
WMED 89.7 put in solid US signals, and WQDY's 1000 watts on 1230 doesn't
go far at night.

I was surprised to see  the tower for the old WMCS-1400 Machias is still
standing alongside Route 192 in Marshfield, The station went off the air
back in early 90s. The former co-owned WALZ-FM is just a repeater of
WQDY Calais (Bob Bittner could this be your  next Maine AM?)  There is
no sign of any activity of WBEO 101.1 whose CP must be getting close to

If anybody is headed to NB on vacation, be sure to pick up the official
NB Highway map available at the Tourist Welcome Center. It has an
excellent list of all AM & FM stations in the province,

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine