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Re: Maritime AM stations and the eastern-most US radio station

I knew that Canada had stations with more than 1 kW on Class C (AKA
graveyard) channels (I believe that there are a couple of 10 kW DA stations
on 1490 in northern Quebec), but I didn't know that CJLS was one of them.
And from what you say, it's directional too. I gotta find CJLS in the
database--find out if it's DA-D, like all of the US Class C AMs that are
directional (the US does not allow nighttime directional operation of Class
C AMs), DA-N, or DA-2. One would think that if CJLS used more than 1 kW at
night, it would have to limit radiation to 1 kW-equivalent toward the US


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Subject: Maritime AM stations and the eastern-most US radio station

Issue ONE: With the recent  thread on Maritime AMs, no mention was made
of Yarmouth NS Power-house CJLS-1340. They can be heard  along much of
the Maine Coast from Portland to Eastport. Their 5kw signal originates
from the shoreline right outside of Yarmouth. If you take the ferry into
Yarmouth you can't mistake the twin towers.