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Re: Turn AM DA's into tourist attractions

In a message dated 7/12/00 7:59:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
umar@nerodia.wcrb.com writes:

<< > Better yet.....  I had an idea to set up a new station in Maine, on the 
 > of a peninsula.  Of course, the local activists would object to the point 
 > it never becoming a reality.
 AM or FM? If the latter, you're pretty much out of luck unless there is a
 handy hill or mountain. >>

Well, I was thinking of AM, but for FM, I could weld some nice metal bays 
inside what looks like lobster buoys......     Wouldn't end of a peninsula 
work well, since they aim south, and Portland is just below....   A tower on 
end of a peninsula would do fine to higher elevations of Maine, as it would 
be line-of-sight,  yes?