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>Donna Halper wrote:
>A very few stations DID request certain call letters, but after a
>while, people just took what they got.

        I think that ever since the '20s, there has been provision for
stations to request specific calls and some have done it all along. Some
very early stations, i.e, WGN, WEEI, WTIC, WDRC, had specific calls either
at the start or shortly after. As for the '30s, I know that in 1936, WSPR
in Springfield got its C.P. with some pre-fab calls (that I forget right
now) but got them switched either very shortly after signing on or maybe
even before they ever went on. And, speaking of Springfield, WMAS started
in 1932 and I think those calls were either there from the start or shortly
after that. We know that in the '50s and up, requesting specific calls
either as a new station (WPLM) or a change (WPOP, in the mid-50s) has been