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At 11:21 AM 7/5/00 -0400, you wrote:
>There was some discussion about the call letters WNAB earlier on this 
>list.  WNAB-1450 was in Bridgeport until March 31, 1985, when I believe 
>the WJBX calls began. Bob Gilmore, currently with WEBE, started at WNAB. 
>He advises that the calls stood for "Nuts About Bridgeport." I suspect 
>that could have been a slogan of the day.

Nah.  It didn't stand for anything.  The calls had a very long history-- 
they went back to 1922, in fact.  They were sequentially assigned by what 
was then the Department of Commerce, and I believe the  first station that 
had them was in Bowling Green, Kentucky and got them in early September of 
1922.   What stations often did after they received their calls was assign 
a meaning to them, choose a slogan, and then say the calls stood for that-- 
lik WSAR "We Sell Advertising Results"-- but it was really just a 
sequentially assigned call letter that came after WSAN, WSAO, WSAP, 
etc.   A very few stations DID request certain call letters, but after a 
while, people just took what they got.