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Re: WILD using new tag

--- Peg/John <gunst56@flash.net> wrote:
> I happened to listen to WILD-1090 around 6 pm tonight and noticed that they
> are now using "Classic R&B and Soul", very similar to Hot97.7's tag, but
> with "Classic" put in there.  The music was totally classic at the time.  

It's actually Classic Soul and R&B. Hot 97's tag
is "Boston's Hip-Hop and R&B". 

I think WILD is still trying to get the right sound --
They played Hall&Oates' "I Can't Go For That" during
today's afternoon drive. An AC classic? Yes. Classic 
Soul or Smooth R&B? Hardly. You'd never hear it in
a regular rotation on format's leaders such as

> Is this the format that is permanent as of July 4th weekend?  It appears
> that the FM will play the currents while the AM plays the gold!

Yes. This is their new direction.
> John

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