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>Dan Strassberg wrote:
> There's some question about
>who, if anyone, syndicates the Legends format. It is _not_ satellite
>delivered, but at least one station not owned by Crawford (WWLG Baltimore)
>runs an AS format under the Legends name.

        I thought that Crawford developed this format at the Denver station
and is "syndicating" it to its other stations, if you want to use that
term. In fact, I thought maybe I knew that from Dan. Maybe they're making
it available as a syndicated product to other operators now that they have
something of a track record (i.e., Denver, and the report that they're
moving the Arbitron needle a bit in Albany, for example).
        And, hey, who needs satellites. They could just have UPS deliver
hard drives once a week in magnet-proof pouches. You ship the old one back
for a refill :)