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Re: WBZ overnights

On 5 Jul 2000,  Donna Halper wrote:

> Hearing Larry Glick reminded me of some of the people who did overnights
> for WBZ... "Jerry and Sky" were the first in 1952, then Paul Knight in the
> All Night, in 1954... 

I remember Paul Knight on WCOP a few years later.  In fact, I believe he 
lived in Bedford.  The fire that destroyed the WGBH studios in Cambridge 
took place the year that I was on the Bedford High Student Council, and I 
initiated the idea of the Council holding a record hop, with proceeds to 
benefit WGBH.  Someone managed to arrange for Paul Knight to appear 
gratis.  Good thing, too.  It snowed that night, and we didn't have much 
turnout, but I think we made a small profit, which we turned over to WGBH.

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