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Re: Fw: WBZ overnights

On 5 Jul 2000,  Donna Halper wrote:

> Russ wrote--
> >Don't forget Norm Nathan and,  Dick Tucker who did the final studio
> >broadcast
> Dick is still alive-- I talk to him periodically.  Found a great old 
> article abut him in a New England TV Guide-- he used to be at WEIM in
> Fitchburg!

I remember once seeing Dick Tucker in person.  On Columbus Day 1953, my 
father took me to the WBZ studios on Soldiers Field Road.  At the time, 
they had an auditorium to the left of the main entrance, and there was a 
live radio show going on called the "'BZ Open House."  Dick Tucker was the 
host, and I recognized Lindy Miller, whom I had seen on television.

At one point during the show, they had a female vocalist, who sang in the 
audience, using a portable microphone.  She saw me and, apparently 
thinking, "here's a cute kid," came over and sang directly to me.  When 
she was done, Dick Tucker mentioned it and said, "Get that kid's name."  
She gave me the microphone, and I got to be on the radio for the first 
time, interviewed briefly by Dick Tucker.   A day or two later, my 
grandfather told me he had heard me on the show.

That sounds like a bit of a coincidence, so maybe my father told him about 
it an my grandfather decided to say he'd heard me in order to make me feel 
good.  Who knows?  I can't ask him now.

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