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Re: WBZ overnights

For some period of time in the 50s, WBZ ran American Airlines' Music 'Till
Dawn overnight. MTD was syndicated, but locally originated, at half a dozen
or more high-powered stations, most of which were owned by CBS. Originally,
the Boston version was at CBS-owned WEEI 590, but after a while flipped to
WBZ for the 38-state coverage. I don't know who the Boston host was, but the
fellow who hosted the show in New York used the air name Bob Hall, which
some of us found amusing because one of the largest radio advertisers of
that day was Robert Hall Clothes. The show's theme was an instrumental
version of the haunting "That's All," music by Tony Acquaviva (aka Mr Joni
James). The lyrics, which were later composed by Bob Haymes (singer, dj, and
brother of 40s singing legend Dick Haymes) were not used in the MTD theme
version. The most remarkable thing about the lyrics is that, unlike the
lyrics of every other popular song I can think of that began life as an
instrumental, these make sense and fit the melody perfectly. I get no sense
of the lyricas having been forced to fit the pre-existing melody.

Announcer: American Airlines greets you....with music....'till dawn. (Theme


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>Hearing Larry Glick reminded me of some of the people who did overnights
>for WBZ... "Jerry and Sky" were the first in 1952, then Paul Knight in the
>All Night, in 1954... more recently Bob Raleigh did the shift for a long
>time, and they stuck Dave Maynard on it for a while, as I recall...  but
>who else-- I keep trying to think of some of the others who did the shift--
>I was away from Boston for 9 years, so maybe that's why I am blocking on
>the names... Kenny Mayer?  Who else???