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Re: WMEX (then and now)

I suspect that Glick had "Dickie" Richmond's phone number and that the
producer called him. Dickie sounds like a nice enough fellow--he said that
he is now 95 years old--but from postings here, I gather that his stinginess
was legendary and exceeded even that of his brother Maxwell, who, besides
being stingy, was apparently one of the most eccentric characters ever in a
business populated by eccentric characters. Mac Richmond was either
incredibly lucky or was a radio genious, however; I suspect the latter.
Although the interchange with Dickie on the show was cordial enough, my
distinct impression is that the WMEX staff thoroughly despised him because
he was both a tightwad and was clueless. Maybe someone who worked at WMEX in
the 50s or 60s can comment.


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>Don't forget to tell the folks that the the remaining Richmond Brother of
>the old "New WMEX 1510" also called in and chatted with the group.  Alex
>was estatic over that!
>At 03:16 PM 7/4/00 -0400, you wrote:
>>Station owner Alex Langer was in-studio taking listener calls today from
>>11:00 to 1:00. With him by phone was Jerry Williams. They were later
>>by Larry Glick, health-show host Frankie Boyer, and shortly before 1:00,
>>Gene Burns and fill-in host Bob Katzen...