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In a message dated 7/4/00 3:20:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Dan.Strassberg@worldnet.att.net writes:

<< Several months ago, someone here reported
 hearing a rumor that WESX was being sold to a Spanish broadcaster. >>

I did. This was a note that a reporter with the Marblehead Reporter newspaper 
had posted at rec.radio.broadcasting. I never heard if it was valid or not.

<< However, if Radio Unica, the rumored
 purchaser of WKOX--if and when WKOX can find an acceptable TX site for its
 proposed 50 kW-U operation--were able to cross the Ashers' palms with a
 sufficient offer, WESX would fold its tent and WKOX could find a home right
 in the midst of the Boston market, most likely using Malden as its new COL.
 Of course, the station would suffer from the same problem as WXKS (AM); the
 night signal to the west of the site would be atrocious, but coverage of
 most of Boston would be OK. >>

Does anyone really think the Ashers would sell? They've held onto WESX for 50 
years or so and, while I know WJDA is their "flagship" station, I'm sure 
they're not rushing to sell 1230.