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Dick Richmond

No one was ever quite sure about Dick Richmond...he certainly was NICER than
his brother to the paid serfs, but outside of the fact that he really didn t
appear in Boston till 1971 ( when Mac died) little was known about him.

I did find out that Mac and Dick were in cahoots with one Richard Eaton who
owned WMUR-TV ( and WOOK in Washington DC) by accident when I had to go to
the WMUR head office in Washington in 1969 ( United Broadcasting), and found
out they shared the same office with WPGC ( which was owned then by Richmond
Brothers).......also 2 former WMEX transmitter engineers wound up getting
jobs at WMUR when the go ahead was given to allow remote transmitter

The one mystery man in that entire Richmond Brothers mess was Norman Solomon
(sic) who was there it seemed 7 days a week from the time the offices
closed, till they reopened the next day.

To the people who worked nights, he was Mac ( and later Dick), but nobody
ever knew the complete story.

Bottom line, Dick was nicer than his brother, but had no clue how to run a
station, and in fairness to him, he took over WMEX when the station was on
it's deathbed.

I heard many years later that he never got full value on the station sale to
Joe Scanlon ( who also owned WLW in Cincinnati) as Scanlon finally lost
everything with the change to WITS and the Red Sox fiasco in the mid 70's.

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> I suspect that Glick had "Dickie" Richmond's phone number and that the
> producer called him. Dickie sounds like a nice enough fellow--he said that
> he is now 95 years old--but from postings here, I gather that his
> was legendary and exceeded even that of his brother Maxwell, who, besides
> being stingy, was apparently one of the most eccentric characters ever in
> business populated by eccentric characters. Mac Richmond was either
> incredibly lucky or was a radio genious, however; I suspect the latter.
> Although the interchange with Dickie on the show was cordial enough, my
> distinct impression is that the WMEX staff thoroughly despised him because
> he was both a tightwad and was clueless. Maybe someone who worked at WMEX
> the 50s or 60s can comment.
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> >Dan:
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> >Don't forget to tell the folks that the the remaining Richmond Brother of
> >the old "New WMEX 1510" also called in and chatted with the group.  Alex
> >was estatic over that!
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> >John
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> >At 03:16 PM 7/4/00 -0400, you wrote:
> >>Station owner Alex Langer was in-studio taking listener calls today from
> >>11:00 to 1:00. With him by phone was Jerry Williams. They were later
> joined
> >>by Larry Glick, health-show host Frankie Boyer, and shortly before 1:00,
> by
> >>Gene Burns and fill-in host Bob Katzen...
> >
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