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On 4 Jul 2000,  Jason Bereza wrote:

> Pennsylvania-based Crawford Broadcasting, which until last year ran only
> religious stations, but since has converted most of their AM's to the
> "Legends" standards format, also heard in the region on WLGZ (990)
> Rochester. Until mid-1995, it was owned by what was Albany Broadcasting,
> but their purchase of combo WROW and WYJB had to lead to some divesture.
> WPTR was sold to Crawford and became religious WDCD. By late 1999, the WDCD
> format was doing better on its FM simulcast (96.7, the former
> WVKZ-FM/WWCP-FM/WXXO) that the AM would be better off filling what was then
> the biggest hole in the market. At the rate things are going, WPTR may be
> in the Top 10 by year end.

Interesting.  And, perhaps because of their demographics, they still 
didn't have much in the way of ads last time I listened a few days ago.

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