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>A question came up... who owns WPTR in Albany?

Pennsylvania-based Crawford Broadcasting, which until last year ran only 
religious stations, but since has converted most of their AM's to the 
"Legends" standards format, also heard in the region on WLGZ (990) 
Rochester. Until mid-1995, it was owned by what was Albany Broadcasting, but 
their purchase of combo WROW and WYJB had to lead to some divesture. WPTR 
was sold to Crawford and became religious WDCD. By late 1999, the WDCD 
format was doing better on its FM simulcast (96.7, the former 
WVKZ-FM/WWCP-FM/WXXO) that the AM would be better off filling what was then 
the biggest hole in the market. At the rate things are going, WPTR may be in 
the Top 10 by year end.

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