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Re: Dave Maynard Aircheck

>Kevin Vahey wrote:
>Certainly it shows that WBZ in those days sounded like a nice Mom and Pop
>station that just happened to have one of the finest signals in the US.

        Well, I wasn't going to say anything, but now that you mention it,
:), Mr. Maynard definitely got smoother in later years. Although, IMO,  he
also sort of put on at least some of that persona of push-the-wrong-button/
tripping over the script/forgetting where he was in counting down the top
10. Also, the overall presentation is different enough from now that in one
way it doesn't sound "right" or, what you call "mom and pop" small-time
sounding. But that's how it was done.  I mean things like out of a song
straight into a spot (especially one with music to open), or the one
song/one ad/one song/one ad sequence.
        I also think in general that some of us *of a certain age* remember
top 40 radio of the '60s as better than it really sounded. The other night
I also listened to a clip on Ed Brouder's great Man From Mars site of WIBG
around 1971. The DJ wasn't really very good, the cuts from they were using
from the "where your friends are" jingle package weren't very good, and
weren't used very well, and the whole thing, well, wasn't very good. But
I'm sure that if you grew up on it in Philadelphia you'd think it was great
to hear it again.

>Now if only someone could find Bruce Bradley at Paragon Park clips. :)

        Check Man From Mars, for one place. I can't remember if one is
available on cassette from there or somewhere else. I believe that site has
many items available that are not up on the internet to listen to. Mr.
Brouder reads this list, and may chime in here. There may be a Bradley clip
from Revere Beach instead, where they did the remote for one or two years
before they went to Nantasket. I think they started at Paragon Park in 1964
and were in Revere at least for 1963. I listened the other night to a Bruce
Bradley that I think was on Man From Mars and I noted that it was summer of
1964 but was not from the beach. Maybe if I listened closer I would have
heard a rainy weather forecast. They used to not go to the remote in bad