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Re: News coverage

Just for the record, the WCAP Morning Information Team talked about the
Brooke Courthouse and did in fact mention he was not the first black U-S
Senator, Pat McCarthy did name the first black senator but his name
escapes me at the moment.

Dave Faneuf

On Sun, 25 Jun 2000 23:55:55 -0400 "A. Joseph Ross"
<lawyer@world.std.com> writes:
> Many news outlets missed the boat again this past week in covering 
> the 
> naming of the new court house downtown after Edward Brooke.  Almost 
> all of 
> them said that he was the first Black to be elected to the U.S. 
> Senate.  
> The Globe had it right in calling him the first Black senator =since 
> reconstruction=.  There was at least one Black elected to the U.S. 
> Senate 
> from a Southern state during recostruction.  This becomes more 
> plausible 
> when one remembers that senators in those days were elected by state 
> legislatures.
> I don't remember anything else about the reconstruction-era Black 
> senator(s), but I remember seeing a newspaper article on the subject 
> around the time that Brooke was first elected to the Senate.
> WCRB news, incidentally, was one of the ones that got it wrong.
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