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Re: Dave Maynard Aircheck

>Chris Sullivan wrote:
>Thanks for letting us know about the aircheck-----One thing listening to
>it made me remember was how stagnant the U.S. popular music scene was
>prior to the appearance of the Beatles whose first airplay came in late
>December of 1963.  With drek like "I'm Leaving It Up to You",  and one
>hit wonders like Robin Ward, the Dixie Cups and Barry and the
>Tamberlanes, it was clear that we were ready for a big change and big
>improvement, musically.

        In the middle of all those songs was the #5 hit: "Louie, Louie."
And I believe that "I'm Leavin' It All Up to You" was #1.

> P.S. I had forgotten
>about "Box 103, Boston 34," and "DEvonshire 8-6868"'

        I forget to mention the P.O. box number as one of the interesting
things about the aircheck. Many different local live-read spots, of which
there were many more than you'd hear now on a big station, said to write to
that same P.O. box. Even one of the larger banks. Can't think of a better
way to show the client the response that the ad received.