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Re: Stephie Gone Bye-Bye

It may take a few days for the details to hit
Stephanie's website (although her "real story" about
the KABC firing, which dates back a few months,
is still up there). She is using her website to
promote a "best of" CD.

I may have been the one you referred to who predicted
that the show's end was fast approaching. She was
losing affiliates, including the KABC flagship (one
affiliate, WCNN in Atlanta, dropped her due to a
format change). I also enjoyed her show, especially
when it was more structured... the last few months
were a bit TOO goofy. You could sense that they
knew the end was near, and as she said tonight at
one point, "what are they gonna do, fire us?"
Apparently, they already had, and the only question
was _when_ the show would end.

>      I'm sure more details are available at her web
> site 
> (www.stephaniemiller.com).  

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