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Re: Miller's show ending?

I heard her say the show is gone completely, not just
on WRKO, but nationwide. I believe it will run until
a week from Friday (giving her some time to plug 
a "best of" CD, available via her website). Many calls
tonight from listeners disappointed that the show is
going off (many of them from this area, listening on

When asked why the show is going off, she said she
couldn't divulge it "legally". I think maybe her
contract ran out and ABC Radio decided not to renew
Several stations had dropped it, including flagship
KABC. Also, Miller is busy hosting Oxygen Network's
"I've Got a Secret" game show and she's got some
other possible TV work in the offing. I'll miss her
show. I'm sure she'll pop up on radio occasionally,
as well as TV (once in awhile on "Politically 
Incorrect", maybe).

--- Richard Chonak <rac@gabriel.cambridge.ma.us>
> Tonight's Stephanie Miller show was telling us that
> the show's run will
> be ending "next Friday".
> It wasn't clear whether the show was being dropped
> by WRKO, or is 
> folding altogether.
> --RC

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