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Stephie Gone Bye-Bye

Rich wrote:
<<Tonight's Stephanie Miller show was telling us that the show's run will
be ending "next Friday".
It wasn't clear whether the show was being dropped by WRKO, or is 
folding altogether.>>


    she was pretty clear in that the show itself is all done.  she alluded to 
the "big boss" giving her the word, and that the show was all done as of a 
week from friday (that'd make it 6/30)
    they even spent time talking about at least one of the cast member's new 
job, with Faith starting a new p.r. job for The Bunny Ranch, a legal bordello 
in Nevada.
     I'm sure more details are available at her web site 
     As for the hostess herself, she still has her job as host of the new 
"I've Got A Secret" which airs on Oprah's Oxygen cable network.
     Too bad that she and her show were blown up at KABC.  When they were 
structured (somewhat) and had a fairly nice format to the show, they were 
timely, topical and on the game.  As someone here (and i apologize for 
drawing a blank) correctly predicted, the end was indeed fast approaching.
      Now, for Uncle Al and the powers that be:  Do Something Local, 
willya???  How about Judi Paparelli?  She here in town, and has had a year to 
get her show polished up, on a national network, no less.  (she does Mid-3 on 
TalkAmerica)  and yes, i have echoed the same sentiments here in the building 
in which i work.

- -Chuck Igo (captive radio listener in my minivan during  my nightly 
two-hour commute to work in Boston 'cuz the tape deck is fried and the car 
has a 178,000 miles on it so it's not worth the $$$ to stick in a new cd/tape