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Re: a nice waste of a clear channel

>         I'd be interested in why you used that subject line. In other
> words, why is a standards format necessarily a waste of a clear channel?

Ok maybe I was a bit harsh, but I would have liked to have seen a more full
service operation given the clear channel. Maybe they will surprise us and
have well done local shows, but I'm not counting on it.

Maybe nobody is listening to 940News in Montreal, yet it is about the only
way one in the states can get news from Canada.

I would be surprised if 740 goes directional, but if what happened in
Montreal is any indication they will have to find a stick somewhere as 940
and 690 had to relocate.

> What would be preferable? I wish the CBC had stayed on the big AM signals,
> but it didn't. And I wish WJIB had more power at night, but it isn't going
> to.
>         And, just think, if those Canadian content rules apply, this
> will feature all sorts of obscure Canadian standards recordings that we
> never heard of before :). For all we know, Ann Murray has an album of Cole
> Porter. And, half seriously, maybe it will be a little different than U.S.
> standards formats. It could be interesting. One of my yardsticks is
> programming that's different, that you can't hear on a bunch of other
> stations.