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Re: NBC (Barely) Escapes It's Ultimate Nightmare!

Game 3 did 2.3 nationally -- 89th most watched show on network TV. Then again Saturday
night is usally Fox' night anyway("AMW" and "Cops"). ABC numbers are 18% down compared
to FOX' coverage last year but the younger demos are up 30% compared to FOX. ABC did
much better in Game 4 on Monday and if there's a Game 6 on Saturday, ABC should be able to get 
the interest up in the series and pull ahead of Fox' numbers last year.

Compared to a potential sweep and very unattractive matchup in the NBA Finals, ABC will
fare a lot better with Stanley Cup Finals than NBC with the Indy-LA series as far as keeping
the audience tuned in...


--- mlaurence@mindspring.com wrote:
> Joseph Gallant wrote:
> > By the way, does anyone know how Saturday's New Jersey/Dallas
> > game did? With teams in the # 1 and # 8 TV markets, I would 
> > think the game did much beter than the 3.1 Fox averaged a year ago
> It didn't.  ABC's coverage of the Stanley Cup final got a 3.0 and a 6 share in the Nielsen
> overnights.  But if the ratings improve as the games get more decisive, ABC will easily outrate
> Fox for the series average.
> Fictitious hockey did better for ABC this weekend than the real thing.  Their airing of "The
> Mighty Ducks" movie on Sunday picked up a 4.2 in the Nielsen overnights.
> Mark Laurence
> mlaurence@mindspring.com

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