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Berlin / Conway NH


I'm been spending an extended week-end up in Conway NH
(North Conway Vlg to be exact) and have observed the

WMOU 1230 Berlin is back on alive and well and
promoting the heck out of their Red Sox coverage (but
we already knew that).

WBNC?? 1050 Conway was last heard this Friday
afternoon around 4PM. I had to leave the area until
around midnight. I haven't heard the Conway 1050 AM
since then, and I'm only about 4 miles from the
transmitter. When I get about a mile away from the
transmitter there does seem to be an open carrier on
the freq. 1050AM was simulcasting 104.5 when I last
heard them this past Friday. I know my radio is
working quite well as I can pickup serveral stations
from southing NH including 1590 WSMN Nashua up here
(very low noise level up here!).
104.5 Oldies has a remote tonight up a the Dairy Queen
in Bartlett (Glen Vlg), so I'll probably grab a bumper

While in Gorham NH just about a mile from the Berlin
City line, I pulled out my little Casio tv to do a
channel scan. Expecting to get the WMUR-TV Ch 9 owned
Channel 27 Fox affiliate, I got nothing. I know the tv
is working okay as I was picking up the WENH ch. 11
relay on Chan 16 and was even picking up Ch.22 out of
Burlington VT and a few other UHF stations.  Is
Channel 27 in Berlin off/down.
Considering that WMUR has been pushing the bleeding
Jesus story in Berlin on their newscasts over the
weekend, I was surprised that a mile out of Berlin I
could not get their Channel 27 (which supposidly
carries the Chan 9 newscasts)

Derry resident
North Conway resting

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