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RE: WBZ-AM With Xmtr Problems?

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> From:	Dave Faneuf [SMTP:tklaundry@juno.com]
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> Subject:	Re: WBZ-AM With Xmtr Problems?
> > On 4 Jun 2000,  Kaimbridge M. GoldChild wrote:
> > I noticed that, late in the afternoon, after the convention was long 
> > over, 
> > WBZ news kept running a story about how the convention "will" take 
> > place.  
	[EM1 GITCHIER]  Apparently, OVERTIME, just like the use of deadly
force, is NOT AUTHORIZED at WBZ Radio. Perhaps they only cover weekday
events from say, 7AM to 6PM...?  Oops I think I mixed up some of the
policies. I'd doubt that the use of deadly force is mentioned in the CBS
Policy Book (or is it, Dave??)   The only sounds involving deadly force I've
ever heard on 'BZ were on the aircheck during Hurricane Carol coverage in
1954(?) when the WBZ-TV Tower "crumpled" and fell on the studio building @
1170 SF Rd.

	Ron Gitschier
	Still at sea....