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Re: DX'ing 730

WJTO-730 won't come in in Lowell.  JTO's signal is really good along the Mass 
coast (until 740 kills it), but JTO's signal only  goes inward from the coast 
about 15 miles. After that it's quickly gone.   What you would have heard in 
Lowell is WACE-730 Chicopee (or as their legal? ID says "Springfield.",  not 
even a whispered Chicopee;  or if it near sunset, you heard CKAC-Montreal).   

WJTO has no ethnic programming.  It's music 7 days sunrise to sunset, 
excepting 2 hours of religion on Sunday morning 10a-12noon.

In a message dated 6/4/00 11:37:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
lawyer@world.std.com writes:

<< I also tried to hear WJTO from there and couldn't.  Too much ignition 
 noise on my car radio.  Finally, on the way home, I pulled over, stopped, 
 and shut off the motor.  Then I heard something on 730 in a foreign 
 language.  Could that have been WJTO?