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Re: another AM over and out

I remember WMOU well...

When I was programming WZPK in 1994, from the wonderful broadcast facility 
above the Aubochon Hardware store in Downtown Berlin, 'MOU was in the studio 
down the hall, and was treated as the "forgotten son". It had a cranky 
automation system that broke down often, board ops that would actually LEAVE 
in the middle of Sox games and the station frequently ran without legal IDs 
and transmitter readings.

I tried in vain to get MOU up to standards, and was told, "Forget about it... 
no one cares".

I found this "forget about it" attitude to be rampant in the entire building, 
and left soon after WZPK moved to the new studios in North Conway.

Even though it was a "dark time" in my radio career,living in Berlin, I look 
back fondly at the fun I had with that enormous signal. And nothing beats the 
reek of paper mills.

Rob Walker