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Re: another AM over and out

At 10:13 AM 6/1/00 EDT, RWalker653@aol.com wrote:
>I remember WMOU well...
>When I was programming WZPK in 1994, from the wonderful broadcast facility 
>above the Aubochon Hardware store in Downtown Berlin

Were they running with some sort of CD jukebox automation around then?  I
vaguely recall seeing an article in the Union-Leader to the effect that
they were the first station in the state to use such a system.  Don't
recall exactly when the article was...early-ish 90s, I think.  I remember
checking them out at the time...the station seemed mostly jockless (or else
whoever was on was just cold-segueing songs).  Sometime in the mid-ish 90s
I heard a voicetracked-sounding jock reading a :15 liner over a song with a
cold intro.