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WMUR LP goes from ch16 to ch29


WMUR-TV Reaffirms Its Commitment to Northern New
WMUR-TV is announcing that the Federal Communications 
Commission has reallocated its UHF channel 16  to
channel 29 in order to maintain the station's level of
service to the Northern New Hampshire viewers.  The
official call sign for channel 29 is WMUR-LP29 and
together with channel 27 will continue to provide the
same level of service.  For those who receive the
signal directly from the air via a rooftop or set
antenna can now see WMUR and FOX news and information
services on Channel 29.  For those who currently
receive the channel 16 signal via cable television, no
change will be necessary as all cable providers
affected by this change will place channel 29 in the
same location on the viewer's cable system. 

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