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sometimes they do it right

Reasons to be cheerful:

1)I caught a couple hours of "WABC Rewound" Monday night--and by gum,
they got it right!  Awesome!  We take our digs at Disney here from time
to time but somebody in the organization made a good call to devote the
holiday to remembering Musicradio 77.  What's more important, somebody
decided it was worth doing right.

2)Earlier this month I was totally engrossed in the Jean Shepherd
special (beyond awesome!) airing on Vermont Public Radio when one of
Shep's stories was interrupted by those little chirps, followed by a
flood warning.  Surely there must be a special place in the next world
for the anonymous board operator who rewound the program so not a single
syllable was missed!  Sad, isn't it, that this simple gesture came as
such a surprise to me?  I guess I've heard too many instances where it
seems nobody at the station I'm listening to is paying any attention to
what's on the air.

3)With regular host Kate McNally unavailable to do New Hampshire Public
Radio's Folk Show on Sunday night, the station filled with Lowell Folk
Festival material (produced, curiously enough, by WDUQ Pittsburgh and
featuring an announcer whose style bore quite a resemblance to that of
Robert J. Lurtsema).  This sure beats what happened in December 1998 and
January 1999 when Ms. McNally was on medical leave for several weeks and
NHPR simply switched to the satellite-delivered classical service at 7
p.m.  No on-air explanation was offered until the 3rd week when
attentive listeners could have caught the announcement at 6:59:50 that
The Folk Show should return in a few weeks.