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Re: Jean Shepherd tribute

"Voice in the Night: A Tribute to Jean Shepherd" airs on Maine Public
Radio Monday, June 12, 8-10 p.m.  If you're in the MPR listening area, I
suggest warning all acquaintances not to bother you that night.
Disconnect the phone.  Find a comfortable listening location, tune in
MPR, and be transported to another world for 2 hours.  If you're not in
the MPR listening area, I suggest you might want to consider getting

Don't be turned off by the soundbites from Noted Personalities at the
beginning of the show.  The program is mostly generous servings of
Shep.  There's the side-splitting story of being sent to Morse code
school and the makes-you-feel-good-just-to-be-a-regular-human-being
story of attending the March on Washington.  And more.

One man.  One microphone.  Plenty magic.  The power of radio is put to
many mundane uses, but here is a reminder of the wonderfulness that can
happen with this medium.