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Re: another AM over and out

Today I glanced at last week's issues of The Berlin (NH) Reporter and
the only mention I could find of WMOU was a front-page item on Friday
(5/26) headlined "Red Sox radio fans are out of luck."  Although this
was one of the longest articles in that day's paper and even had an
accompanying picture (caption: "LOST SOX--Charlie Haggart tries in vain
to find the Red Sox on his radio.  For the first time in decades, Sox
games can't be found on Paper City radios."), there is very little about
WMOU other than that it "went off the air early Tuesday evening."

The writer mentions faint reception of WLTN Littleton and notes that
WTIC and WEEI are possibilities at night.  It is also noted that the
Berlin cable system doesn't carry any of the stations which air the
broadcast TV games.

It's a darned shame the demise of WMOU came a few months after the
presidential primary.  Surely some courageous candidate would have come
forward to stand in front of the now-silent station and speak of
Berlin's love of baseball and all the good ol' American values that go
with it--leading, of course, to the declaration "Ich bin ein Berliner!"

I haven't been able to check The Berlin Daily Sun.  Believe it or not,
Berlin (1999 estimated population: ~10K) is one of the few cities in
this country with competing daily newspapers.  That has to have an
effect on how local businesses spend their advertising dollars.