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From: Bill O'Neill <billo@erols.com>
> I kept thinking, here's a vacation destination on the kick-off of
> summer season, and where are the live broadcasts?  Even if WOKQ sent
> a couple of jocks up there to 'PKQ it for a few hours and the head
> 16S.  With a map.

Actually - an old friend of mine from WLYT days, Audley Williams, is the
North Country news/station personality at WPKQ.  Usually, Fridays are their
nights to go live from events in the North Country...and you can also hear
Audley during their newscasts reporting from "The North Country Bureau".
Now with summer coming, I'm sure Audley will be out and about in the WPKQ
van...yes...they have a van which is usually parked in front of their

Yes, PKQ is basically nothing more than a repeater for OKQ, but I still
think a station to break format every hour for a full 5:00 of news, sports
and weather is pretty cool...and refreshing for us News Junkies away from

As for WMWV - got a tour of their facilities last summer while vacationing
just down the road from their station.  Situated in an old house - they also
house at least one more station in there which, at that time, was run off
the bird.  The stick is no more than 300 yards behind the building.  But
yes, WMWV is VERY local, which also translates into short staff and equip.
Will probably stop by again this summer between trips to Storyland and the
over priced outlets with the wife and kids...they are a patient bunch.

Marc Lemay