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Re: another AM over and out

umar@nerodia.wcrb.com wrote:
> On Fri, 26 May 2000, David W. Harris wrote:
> > Heard on New Hampshire Public Radio news this morning:
> > WMOU (1230 Berlin NH) went dark this week.  Couldn't find a buyer.
> The FCC database says that's a full time station and non-directional to
> boot, if only 1 kW. I wonder why no one wanted it.
> Rob Landry
> umar@nerodia.wcrb.com

We just returned from a great weekend in N. Woodstock then over to N.
Conway across the Kancamagus.  The AM dial is all but silent.  WMWV FM
was just about the only local sound up there and was refreshingly
local sounding.  Same gripe for most stations: Although it was tough
to get wx. even though they took the first :02 of network nx.  Call me
nuts, but a newscast without even a meager attempt to give ten seconds
of wx is like leaving a period off of the end of a sentence      ... 
Even "Some clouds today, clear tonight around 50 and nice tomorrow
around 60." Maybe I ask for too much.

103.7?  As much as I admire WOKQ for what it does, it seems so
unfortunate that the killer signal is nothing but a repeater for
massive and great section of America.  (But, this is coming from a guy
who used to be annoyed when an AM simulcast it's FM sister.)  Even
'OKQ is sounding more and more like it's cut from a safe mold.  

I kept thinking, here's a vacation destination on the kick-off of
summer season, and where are the live broadcasts?  Even if WOKQ sent 
a couple of jocks up there to 'PKQ it for a few hours and the head
16S.  With a map.

Bill O'Neill