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WESX being sold?

This off of rec.radio.broadcasting. It's pretty shocking to me, at least:

<< Hi, I have heard many rumors that WESX in Salem, Mass., is going to 
convert to
an Hispanic format, essentially abandoing its local news and popular standard
(via satellite) format. Does anybody know anything definitive about that? The
news director, Kendall Buhl, denies the rumor but it persists big-time. The
rumor is that the station will be either sold or leased to Costa-Eagle
Communications of Lawrence, Mass. Thanks for any feedback. -- George 
Marblehead, Mass. >>

First, are the Ashers going to be getting out of the broadcast business, or 
just selling WESX? For years that station has been a beacon on the North 
Shore, especially when Al Needham was anchoring news and sports programming 
for all those years.

Having interned there several years back, I'd hate to see it go. It's a 
station which gave me a chance to break into the broadcasting business 
through the sports programming which they offered. Though they have cut back 
they still do a good job in this department, especially with Bill Newell now 
handling their football coverage. 

Of course this is all speculation, but knowing of the original poster of this 
message, I can tell you this isn't a red herring. (And with the high hispanic 
populations in Salem and Lynn and Chelsea nowadays, this makes sense too.)