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Movement atop WBZ-TV tower

About two months ago, I noticed that the top-mounted 
TV antenna for channel 4 on Cedar St Needham was 
missing, but channel 4 was available to all.  On
a clear day, I went over to St Mary St to check it 
out from a ringside seat.  It appeared that a low-
numbered-channel TV antenna had been installed on one
leg of the tower and I assumed that WBZ-TV was 
being transmitted from this temporary apparatus while
work commenced atop the tower.  Well, NO work commenced
for weeks, perhaps owing to the wet, windy spring
weather.  Now some sign of progress is apparent; 
perhaps 50 to 100 feet of steel has been added by 
this week (wk ending 5/20)...as of 5/20, I didn't 
see any kind of antenna up there but there was 
something that might have been a structure for the tower
workers.  Visitors to the Boston radio (and TV)
interest site who also live near Needham or pass it on
the way to work may want to watch the venerable tower
add to its stature.  BTW, there are several vantage
points, but my favorite is St Mary St...take the exit 
for Highland Ave heading toward Needham Ctr;
immediately turn rt on Gould ST go past channel 5 to 
the end of the street;  turn rt onto Central St and
take the next left before the arch...this is St Mary
St.  Excellent view...other good places: Dunedin St
and McClean Sts Wellesley.

Laurence from Methuen  

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