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RE: time to update the promos

I'm with Roger, Sara's remarks were downright rude. It's not the way to
treat a listener. The station ought to be interested in _both_ running a
business _and_ listening to it's listeners. I hope that they can take into
consideration what the history of a station really means. Especially a
popular one such as WRKO. It's been a part of so many people's lives through
the years, so some of us hope to get a little something out of these
retrospectives. It's not wrong to make suggestions to improve a show. I
think Roger has a life, and also a passion/hobby too....

Best wishes,

Ron Gitschier
Haitian Election Day, off of Port-Au-Prince

PS.. if we have any French-Speaking News Junkies, I can record the local
news in Port-Au-Prince during AM drive tomorrow, if they haven't shut down
all the radio stations.... airchecks available upon request:-) Ron

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> Roger.... I'm beginning to think her original assessment was correct....
> Sarah has long since left RKO. She worked at ZLX for quite a while  <snip>
> Fresh out of school and not from Boston area when she  made her now famous
> email reply to you. If you worked with her.. you'd like her. It was a long
> time ago.. let it go Roger.....