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Re: time to update the promos

At 01:32 PM 5/24/00 -0500, Martin J. Waters wrote:
>        And Popular Communications magazine, June issue I guess, just
>arrived with a short item saying Art Bell interviewed the magazine's editor
>and it was great and you can hear the audio on the Bell website, etc. No
>indication they have a clue / had a clue that Mr. Bell is now in the
>dustbin of history. It reads as if he's still on. Maybe they figure by June
>he'll be back :<)

Not that his returning is out of the realm of possibility, but most info in
Pop Comm is very dated by the time the issue reaches the news stand.  Call
letter, facility changes, etc. are ancient history by the time they find
out about it.  Dunno why they can't be more timely...not the most accurate
source of information either.