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Re: WILD sold

I'm not sure if there is enough of a listening base to support a fulltime urban
talker in Boston.  An urban AC or gold format would attract more white and
hispanic listeners than an urban talker would, and with the relatively small
black population in the market, WILD does need some non-black listeners.  What I
could see happening is WILD moving to a urban gold/AC mix, while retaining some
full service elements such as talk shows from time to time and some gospel
programming, particularly on the weekends.

Mike Thomas

Norm Rosen wrote:

> It would certainly make sense for the next logical steps to be taken by Radio
> One, and that is for signal improvements, and format development on WBOT
> 97.7.
> Also, to turn WILD 1090 to an urban talk format.
> This format does very well in DC with WOL 1450,WOLB 1360 Baltimore, WLIB New
> York 1190, and WHAT Philadelphia.
> WILD has already started moving in that direction during middays.
> Norm