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Re: WILD sold

It would certainly make sense for the next logical steps to be taken by Radio
One, and that is for signal improvements, and format development on WBOT
Also, to turn WILD 1090 to an urban talk format.
This format does very well in DC with WOL 1450,WOLB 1360 Baltimore, WLIB New
York 1190, and WHAT Philadelphia.
WILD has already started moving in that direction during middays.


Chris Beckwith wrote:

> "Sven Franklyn Weil" <sven@gordsven.com> wrote:
> > I wonder if this means that the WILD 10-90 will be switching to a
> non-music format, since isn't WBOT already doing a similar format to WILD?
> <
> I'm betting either that or they switch to a gold-based music format still
> targeting Greater Boston's black population.
> Take care,
> Chris