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Re: Subtle Changes at WBZ

This always happens every year.  It was worse under Campbell (big
surprise) but it still goes on.  The sad thing is that few, if any
programmers call the network to bitch about it.  I used to do that back
at WLIS in the early 90's, and in a few instances it led to spots being
recut, or at least a localized or generic spot being sent to the station
to cover the network spot.  I think it shows how todays programmers,
particularly of AM stations, don't have the time or desire to follow up
on these details.

Mike Thomas

Bob Nelson wrote:

> Sometimes I've heard ads on the Red Sox game which
> could almost be outdated. It'd be October and the Sox
> would be in the first round of the playoffs and you'd
> hear "summer is here and the weather is hot, hot,
> hot!! Time to cool off with the great taste of..."
> --and meanwhile, it would be 40 degrees outside.
> (Obviously the advertiser bought ads for the whole
> season, and they kept running...)
> --- Dave Faneuf <tklaundry@juno.com> wrote:
> >
> > I really don't understand the outdated commercials
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