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Re: Radio One

Sptseditor@aol.com wrote:

> Scott, they do seem to be a company that likes to do things first class. But
> you have to remember that, as previously posted, that Baltimore and
> Washington are markets which have significantly more African-Americans in
> them than do Boston. The inner city of Boston is still quite diverse.

Still, I think Boston can support a older skewing urban and a younger leaning
one.  97.7 is grabbing more listeners from WJMN than 1090 at this point.  With
both stations working together, it allows the FM to put all of it's energies into
battling 94.5.

> << (And mind you, that's just *half* the market's black-oriented
>  stations -- Howard University's top-rated WHUR-FM, Infinity's
>  gospel WPGC  >>
> Infinity owns an urban station? I never thought that was a format which Mel
> would touch, to be honest. Then again, I guess WBZ is also an Infinity
> station as well.

I think WPGC and WPGC-FM (CHR/Rhythmic) were acquired by Infinity during the
consolidation era.  Due to the fact that DC has a massive black population, that
the stations bill well, and that the FM is consistantly near the top of the
ratings, Mel is smart enough to leave those formats as is.

> I wonder what made Nash sell now? It's a shame to see them go, but we all saw
> it coming once Radio One bought WCAV last year. Is there any chance they can
> move the COL for 97.7 any closer to Boston now they'll have studios in Dudley
> Square?

They can't move the stick any closer, because it would start interfering with
WOKQ-Dover NH to the north and WINQ-Winchendon to the west.  As far as the COL
goes, who cares?  Just bury it under some effects or in a stopset.

Mike Thomas