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Re: Radio One

In a message dated 5/16/00 4:38:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
fybush@world.std.com writes:

<< On Radio One: Don't expect a simulcast on AM and FM.  It's just
 not the way this company plays the game.  In Washington, they're
 running no fewer than four urban formats: >>

Scott, they do seem to be a company that likes to do things first class. But 
you have to remember that, as previously posted, that Baltimore and 
Washington are markets which have significantly more African-Americans in 
them than do Boston. The inner city of Boston is still quite diverse.

<< (And mind you, that's just *half* the market's black-oriented
 stations -- Howard University's top-rated WHUR-FM, Infinity's 
 gospel WPGC  >>

Infinity owns an urban station? I never thought that was a format which Mel 
would touch, to be honest. Then again, I guess WBZ is also an Infinity 
station as well.

<< I wouldn't be surprised at all to see WILD(AM) go to some
 combination of talk and R&B oldies, with WILD-FM (no, I don't
 know for sure, but why buy AM 1090 if you don't make better 
 use of the "WILD" brand name?) going for the younger audience. >>

I would agree with this. If they keep the AM as gold oldies, they can always 
capitalize on the old-time crowd which has always listened to WILD. The FM 
would allow them to hang on with the younger base that doesn't appreciate 
having to turn their radios off at night (when they're partying!) and get no 

I wonder what made Nash sell now? It's a shame to see them go, but we all saw 
it coming once Radio One bought WCAV last year. Is there any chance they can 
move the COL for 97.7 any closer to Boston now they'll have studios in Dudley